Tracking labels on T&K products (as required by CPSIA Sec. 103)



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  3. Tuesday, 11 August 2015
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All Thames & Kosmos products include a twelve digit alpha-numeric tracking code. This tracking code indicates three key details:

The Production Number (batch code);
Location of Manufacture;
Date of Manufacture.

As an example, let's look at tracking code P637 L42 D3215:

Production Number:
The number which follows the letter P corresponds with the specific Production or batch. In this case, Production #637.

Location Code:
The two-digit code following the letter “L” identifies the factory where the product was produced. In this case, #42 correlates with one specific factory location in Taiwan.

Date Code:
The numbers which follow the letter “D” indicate the two-digit ISO week number and the two-digit year in which the product was manufactured. In this case: 3215 indicates that production was completed on the 32nd week of 2015; or the week of August 3rd to August 8th.

A complete list of Factory Locations and their corresponding key code number can be seen here:

L04 Rottendorf Germany
L05 Tsimshtsui East Kowloon Hongkong
L08 Kwai Chung N.T. Hongkong
L10 Tsing Yi, N.T. Hongkong
L14 Reutlingen Germany
L29 Ulm Germany
L31 Bodnegg Germany
L38 Hamburg Germany
L39 Kowloon Bay Hongkong
L40 Guangdong China
L42 Taichung, Taiwan
L46 Balzhausen Germany
L47 Bangkok Thailand
L48 Shanghai China
L50 Tapei, Taiwan
L58 New Taipei City Taiwan
L59 Yuyao, Zheijiang China
LCA Shanghai China
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